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High quality Italian technology waterproofing products and services from ICOBIT

About us

Hello, Protad Polymère specializes in waterproofing buildings and metal structures. We offer a variety of high quality Italian products in the field of waterproofing, We offer a variety of high quality Italian products in the field of waterproofing, We also offer a range of services related to the waterproofing of metal structures and structures, Whether it is a technical and financial study, or carry out business.

We offer you our high quality products from the Italian company ICOBIT with the following services: Training and technical accompaniment to complete your projects easily and conveniently


KEEP ALU is an innovative multi-purpose product derived from HPC technology. Exclusive waterproofing aluminum finish, highly flexible. It is a ready-to-use product. A one-component solvent based, And thanks to the innovative copolymer, It is highly UV resistant.


One-component continuous membrane, Colored , in aqueous emulsion, Resistant to water retention.
It is used in the waterproofing of surfaces of all geometric shapes, concrete panels, fiber cement boards, steel tub and metal struts, polyurethane foam insulated ceilings, Retaining walls, foundations, etc.


One-component continuous membrane, fiber reinforced, Colored , in aqueous emulsion

It is used for waterproofing balconies. balconies, baths, Shower , Walkable flat surfaces, Old concrete slabs. Direct bonding of tiles and paint is allowed.

We offer you a range of services in the field of high quality waterproofing, where we accompany you in  

Create and implement your project
Technical advice and technical support
– Customized product development

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