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Our services

We offer you a range of services in the field of high quality waterproofing, where we accompany you in

– Create and implement your project

– Conseil et assistance technique

– Customized product development

Technical advice and studies

You have our expertise at your disposal. With over ten years of experience in waterproofing services, we provide technical and financial consulting services in order to help you avoid costly mistakes. This is due to our more than 10 years of experience in the field.

Polymer waterproofing

Liquid waterproofing is a resin application solution, applied in several layers, forming after polymerization, a continuous and flexible coating, without joints, waterproof, adhering to the substrate and resistant to cracking.

In this process, we use the latest technologies of the high-quality Italian brand Icobit.

Industrial flooring

Our specialty is the installation of resin-based flooring, so we can adviseyou and help you achieve the perfect coating for your industrial floor.

  • – Epoxy resin industrial flooring
  • – Industrial floor in polyurethane resin
  • – Floor covering adapted to health and safety constraints

Industrial concrete paving

Storage places and warehouses are places where a lot of activity takes place. In order to effectively absorb shocks, the floor in this type of place must be resistant.
There are specific types of construction made for this purpose, such as industrial paving, which is currently the most effective.

Tank maintenance and repair of all types

We provide maintenance and repair services for water tanks, food storage, and more…,

in order to ensure optimal performance. We guarantee our clients high quality and sustainable services.

Abrasive sandblasting on all surfaces

Sandblasting by airbrushing is the projection of the abrasive dry. This reliable and efficient technique for restoring all types of substrates that have undergone aging or have various coatings to be removed (paints, varnishes, grease, etc.).

Industrial sanding on any support, any surface

We offer industrial floor renovation techniques thatsatisfy you and make the floor ready for coating.
Planing: involves removing the excess material to equalize the surface.
Sanding the floor: to prepare the concrete for a new application by making it flat and smooth. It also allows sanding the resin on the floor before a new application.

Industrial paint on any surface or support

We work throughout the year on multiple support. It’s simple, everything is painted! Plastics, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals… we apply treatments and paint to any support.

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